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Omnipresent makes it fast and easy to hire and manage employees compliantly in more than 160 countries. They take care of all the complex administration involved including payroll, benefits, compliance and taxes, so you can focus on growing your business.

What was the problem?


Omnipresent were growing fast and the team were struggling behind the scenes to keep up and have processes that were working for them. Accounts were not being routed to the right sales reps and AEs were having difficult getting quotes out to the prospect in a timely manner.

Who helped?



Specialist in Salesforce and Tool management. Will’s role was to build out the lead routing system and documentation. He also provided training to the Sales team.



Sarah took the role of the CPQ strategist with this role, she is a master when building out pricing strategies and deploying them into production. Once built, she trained the team and still provides ongoing tweaks to the process.


During our time there we managed to…

Set up CPQ

Omnipresent now have a working CPQ tool that works for them. They are able to send out personalised quotes an hour after the meeting which can be signed by the client. This has sped up the sales cycle and has shaved 4 days off the average deal length.

Lead Routing

In the Salesforce platform there were tens of thousands of accounts sitting there. Our process has cleaned this up and accounts are automatically removed from reps names if not worked. Accounts will also be sent up if a certain trigger is met such as recent funding. Reps are now targeting the right accounts at the right time and sales have increased by 11%. 

Documentation and Training

The team created a comprehensive training guide meaning anyone who was to join has material to read and would understand what is happening and why. This creates a lasting effect and sets the reps up for success.

What Skills We Used

Saleforce Admin Skills



Team Training

Dashboard Builidng


Data Management

Salesforce Flows

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