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How we price our services

Based on your current challenges and project requirements for the next 3 to 12 months, we will recommend an appropriate monthly package. The pricing varies depending on the seniority level required for the team, necessary skillsets, and the hours needed.

Our monthly RevOps as a service packages, encompassing strategy, implementation, and custom coding time, typically range from €5,200 to €12,000. If you’re in search of a more cost-effective option, we provide remote CRM Admin Support, offering on-demand administrative services for businesses utilising Hubspot or Salesforce, starting from €899 per month.


With us you will always have


We are people. We listen and want to build a connection.

Full Customization

We build to your needs, we won’t reuse templates over and over again. The best way to get the results is to understand your process and integrate with it. 

World Class Support

Our team become part of your team. We work together to solve the challenges you currently face.


We will never leave you in a position where you are unable to move forward. We document everything that we do so you are able to understand the flows and make small tweaks yourself. 

"We were our own Salesforce Admin, and to be honest we were making things worse. Sarah and Will came in and act as our admins and the effects are amazing."


"The Impact was instant, our team really took to them and the training they delivered was enjoyable and really showed the benefits of what they have done internally for us"

Robert Obreczarek

"Working with them has been a true pleasure, they listened to our needs and delivered exactly what we agreed upon in a timely manner.



“I have more time to focus on selling”

The team are awesome, sometimes you approach consultancies with a little bit of caution, however they made me feel comfortable and from day one I knew I could trust them. 

We worked together to solve challenging business problems and we are now in a place with solid foundations and can push forward

“I have Adhoc professionals on call”

Having worked with the team on a few projects involving Salesforce I am beyond happy with what they were able to do. They can act as an extension to the team and just fit in. Projects were completed on time and to a high standard. I couldn’t recommend them enough.

“I trust them to deliver”

Will and Sarah at RevOps Service Lab are a dream team when it comes to all things revenue operations. Their project management skills and GTM expertise makes them a consulting service a must have for any organization looking to scale and grow quickly, but don’t have the internal resources to manage. You’ll quickly find it is much easier to have the RevOps Service Lab team to solve your operational issues than to drown trying to stay afloat.

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